What is the aerofoil?

Our aerofoil is an aerodynamically-profiled blade fabricated in the UK from extruded aluminium, teamed with a bespoke, robust bracket system that can be adapted for a range of shelf types and angles. The aerofoil has its own profiled, waterproof ticket strip, which will accommodate a client's existing price label dimensions.

Our aerofoil kit is a high-performance system, tolerant to the full range of ambient conditions occurring in practice. It is suitable both for retro-fitting to existing cabinets in-situ, and for incorporation into new-build units.

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How do aerofoils work?

Aerofoil technology for use in refrigeration was conceived using the principles of aerodynamics in aircraft. Aerofoils have very powerful effects on moving air-streams. They reduce turbulence and straighten falling air curtains back into shape.

All multi-deck fridges employ a curtain of refrigerated air blown down across the open front of the shelves to help maintain the contents at a consistent target temperature. However, much of this cold ‘air curtain’ spills out of the front of the cabinet and into the store aisles. Not only is this wasteful from an energy perspective, but it also causes ‘cold-aisle syndrome’ with consequent negative impact on the shopper.

Deployment of aerofoils on the edge of each shelf in the cabinet draws the cold-air curtain back into the fridge, thereby reducing spill, reducing energy consumption and improving aisle temperatures.

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What are the benefits of aerofoils?

Fitting aerofoils to open-fronted multi-deck cabinets is proven to reduce energy consumption by up to 40%, as verified by lab testing in ISO conditions. As well as the consequent cost savings to retailers, this also represents a major reduction to their carbon footprint.

Other benefits include reduced product shrinkage due to the stabilising effect that aerofoils have on product temperatures within the cabinet. An indirect benefit is to create warmer shopping aisles due to the reduced cold-air spill, thereby improving shopper comfort and extending browsing time.

In comparison with glass doors, aerofoils are a barrier-free solution to the problem of cold-air spill, and a much less expensive, more robust alternative requiring minimal maintenance.

The aerofoils themselves are made from 100% recycled aluminium, which requires only 5% of the energy required to produce new aluminium. We have, therefore, further enhanced the technology's energy-saving credentials by reducing our upstream manufacturing footprint.

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How easy is it to install aerofoils?

In a word: 'very'.

We have engineered a bracket kit that provides an extremely rigid yet simple and unobtrusive attachment between the shelf edge and the aerofoil. No drilling is required and hence there is no requirement to de-merchandise the cabinet. The system is also designed to accommodate a mini- or full-sized riser to facilitate product alignment. All but the largest stores can be retro-fitted with aerofoils in a single night.

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