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The Aerofoil is a patented aerodynamically-profiled blade attached to the shelves of open-fronted or closed multi-deck fridges. It incorporates a profiled, waterproof ticket strip and replaces the existing shelf ticket rail.

Our unique, single aerofoil blade enables us to fit close to the shelf-edge, thereby maximising product visibility and facilitating re-merchandising of the cabinet.

The Aerofoil kit is a high-performance, robust system made in the UK from 100% recycled aluminium and fully recyclable in its own right. It has a very low manufacturing footprint and will likely outlast the lifetime of the cabinet.

... whilst addressing one of the most energy-intensive aspects of grocery retail

About 70% of the energy consumed by open-fronted fridges is for generating and maintaining a curtain of refrigerated air, which is blown down across the open front of the shelves to help maintain the contents at a consistent target temperature.

However, much of this cold air ‘curtain’ spills out of the cabinet and into the store aisles. Not only is this wasteful from an energy perspective, but it also causes ‘cold-aisle syndrome’ with consequent negative impact on the shopping experience.

By deploying Aerofoils in the cabinet we can control the air curtain, maintaining its coherence and preventing it from spilling from the cabinet.

... delivering significant reductions in energy use

The energy performance of Aerofoils has been tested extensively: more than 2 million data samples were logged and analysed at Williams; ca. 60 tests were conducted in certified (ISO23953) laboratories; and real-world results have been verified in over a thousand store installations in the UK and abroad. No other shelf-edge technology has undergone such rigorous and independent testing.

These trials have validated energy savings of up to 40% in laboratory and 25% in typical store conditions. Energy performance can be further enhanced by retailer-specified adjustments to cabinet control mechanisms.

... improved product quality and reduced food waste

By controlling the air curtain and preventing cold air spill, Aerofoils maintain fridge contents at a lower, stabilised and uniform temperature. This helps improve product quality and extend its shelf-life, thereby reducing shrink or the need to discount items prematurely.

... and warmer aisle temperatures for shoppers

By largely eliminating cold air spill from the cabinet, there is a marked increase in aisle temperatures. This improves the shopping experience for customers and can also reduce the need for the retailer to compensate by re-heating the aisles.

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