John Austin-Davies joins Aerofoil Energy

Aerofoil Energy is delighted that John Austin-Davies has joined the team as our specialist technical advisor and a key member of our Vortex development group.


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Boots begins roll-out of aerofoils

Another major high-street retailer has selected aerofoils as its shelf-edge technology of choice.


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Vortex is here!

Our Vortex team has developed a suite of new energy-saving technologies, which we've already installed in over 125 stores.


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Asda adopt aerofoils

We're delighted that Asda are now rolling out aerofoils across their refrigeration estate.


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Aerofoil Energy's F1-inspired refrigeration technology on show

We're in Atlanta to bring aerofoil technology to supermarkets in the US.


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press articles

Warm response to fluid dynamics

Technology that makes racing cars go faster is now saving energy in supermarkets and reducing the 'frozen aisle' effect often found near the chiller cabinets...


Formula One spreads its wings to the supermarket

The technology that developed the wings which help keep Formula One race cars tight to the track has found its way to supermarkets in the U.K. and soon, in the U.S...


ASDA adopts energy-saving Aerofoils

Supermarket group Asda is set to adopt an energy-saving aerofoil device on refrigerated cabinets in 187 of its stores...


Company using F1 tech in supermarket fridges in line for top engineering prize

Aerofoil Energy, based in Cheshire, and Williams Advanced Engineering's successful collaboration has put them in the running for the 2018 MacRobert Award...


Williams harnesses Formula One aerofoil technology for fridges

In a room at the back of a 38,000 sq ft engineering facility at the Oxfordshire headquarters of the Williams Formula One team is a supermarket fridge...


Why supermarket chiller aisles may soon not be so chilly

Have you ever gone food shopping on a lovely hot day only to be turned into an icicle walking past the supermarket's open chiller cabinets?...


Chilly supermarket aisles set to become history

Chilly supermarket aisles are about to become a thing of the past as Sainsbury's has designed new F1-style gadgets to stop cold air escaping from fridges...


Williams keeps it cool

How F1 technology ended up on supermarket shelves...


Best wing since sliced bread

You'll never be chilly in supermarket aisles again - and it's all thanks to the rear wings on Williams F1 cars...


Williams' F1 rear wing tech will feature in ... supermarkets

Sainsbury's uses aerofoil to keep fridges cold, aisles warm and energy consumption down...


Sainsbury's to use aerofoil technology in all cold aisles

Retailer will be adopting chiller technology based around Formula One engineering principles in a bid to improve cost efficiency and customer comfort...


F1 takes to the aisles

In one of the more unusual examples of technology transfer, an aerofoil system is to be used to improve the efficiency of fridges at 1400 Sainsbury's stores...


Here's why Formula One engineering is invading supermarket aisles

They suck airplanes up into the sky. They help race cars speed around tight corners. And now airfoils are coming to the fridge aisle...


MacRobert Award 2018 finalist

Williams Advanced Engineering and Aerofoil Energy were selected as a MacRobert Award finalist for their aerodynamic shelf-edge technology 'aerofoils', which significantly reduce energy consumption in supermarket and convenience store fridges.



The Institution of Engineering and Technology

Describing how aerofoils can assist in reducing energy consumption in supermarket refrigeration, Paul McNamara and Ian Turner discuss how Williams Advanced Engineering has assisted Aerofoil Energy in its product development.



Claire Williams at CBI annual conference

Williams F1 racing deputy team principal Claire Williams gives her take on the first CBI annual conference she's attended, how Williams plans for success and the business partnerships that take formula 1 technology and innovation from the track to the supermarket aisle.



F1 technology cuts supermarket emissions

The cutting-edge technology behind Formula One cars isn't limited to the racetrack. Engineers at F1 team Williams adapt much of their expertise to help industry. And this aerofoil device could help supermarkets make big energy savings, says technical director Paul McNamara.